Looking for result-driven and effective window cleaning services in Bangalore? 

At My Raksha, we provide professional window cleaning services in Bangalore. We have served with reasonable prices for homes as well as for corporate and companies when it comes to window cleaning.

Most People Have Chosen ‘My Raksha’ for Window Cleaning Services in Bangalore 

Deep cleaning of the windows requires the right type of substances and tools. Based on the glass, material and type of the window we provide the best suitable cleaning services.

What Does ‘My Raksha’ Professional Window Cleaning Services in Bangalore Include?

We believe in deep cleaning so we include cleaning every bit of the windows without compromising on the quality of services.

Glasses of windows, edges of glasses, aluminium frames of windows, the space between aluminium frames of modern types of windows, cleaning fixed mosquito net of windows, grills of windows, etc. Everything gets disinfected by experts in a proper way.

Which Types of Substances and Tools Are Being Used For Window Cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning windows and glasses utmost care should be taken. We use chemicals like special sprays, soaps etc. These substances do not damage the glasses and frames of the windows. 

Tools like scrubbers, special scrubbing mops and vacuum glass cleaners are being used by our experts as per the requirement and depending upon the window types.

Deep Cleaning of Windows by Our Trained Staff Boosts the Sanitation Level with Long Lasting Results

Deep cleaning of windows by experts is much better than regular cleaning as it includes more benefits. Our trained staff with experience in the cleaning field exactly know how to target all the microbes while cleaning windows and glasses.

So, this ultimately helps you to have an excellent level of sanitation after a deep cleaning of windows by experienced cleaners who apply the right method and substances.

Window Cleaning Services Cost in Bangalore

The cost of window cleaning services in Bangalore ranges between 200-3000 INR. This also depends on the type of windows, size, number of windows, etc.

We provide our window cleaning services at a very reasonable price. Also, in some cases, we may first visit your place to inspect the winodws conditions and then share the price quotation.


I hope you have gained clarity about our window cleaning services in Bengaluru. Feel free to reach out to us to enquire about window cleaning services and to book schedules as per your needs. 


FAQs About ‘My Raksha’ Window Cleaning Services in Bengaluru


  1. Does ‘My Raksha’ offer glass window cleaning services in Bangalore?


Yes, at ‘My Raksha’ we provide glass window cleaning services in Bangalore.

2. Can I get a sliding window cleaning service in Bangalore?

Yes, sliding window cleaning services in Bangalore are offered by ‘My Raksha’ at a reasonable price.

3. Is ‘My Raksha’ provide building glass cleaning services in Bangalore?

Yes, at My Raksha we are happy to offer our building glass cleaning services in Bangalore with our trained cleaners.