“How to treat a rusty dog crate?” – Is the common question that all dog lovers face every now and then.

In my current blog, I’m explaining in detail about a safe cleaner for a rusty dog crate. This will help you to treat the rusty spots effectively and provide a clean hygienic shelter for your adorable pooch.

How to Treat a Rusty Dog Crate? – 5 Simple Steps

You should regularly pay attention to the rusty spots of the metal dog crate and remove the rust so that it should not spread. If you do not treat such rust then it will damage the crate.

So, follow a step by step method to treat a rusty dog crate-



Apply the Right Kind of Rust Remover or DIY Liquids for Metal Crates

Make use of easily available liquids like vinegar and apply them on the rusty spots of the crate. You can also use a chemical spray that is commonly known as rust remover.

However, you should use chemicals that are pet-friendly. So, let the rusty spots get soaked and you can leave it for some time.



Use a Wire Brush to Clean the Rust off The Crate

Make use of a wire brush to remove rust from the surface of metal crates. Also, use the right brush so that the surface should not get scratched.

Scrub over the rusty parts of the crate. Check all the bars and corners so that you should not ignore any such spots while cleaning.



Let the Crate Dry Completely After Cleaning Rusty Spots

Now it’s time to wash and wipe the entire crate. Use a dry towel to do this.

Pay more attention to the corners so that the water drops should not store there to create any new rusty spots.



Make Use of Oil-Based Primer on the Surface of the Metal Dog Crate

Choose the primer to cover the surface area of the metal crate. Oil-based primers are good to go with. Such a primer gives protection to the metal surface.

At the same time, check with the retail supplies which type of primer is suitable for metal crates and if they are pet-friendly. When you apply the primer, wait till it dries completely.



Paint the Crate to Avoid Rust in the Future Days

Select a non-toxic spray paint to cover the crate by spraying it on all the bars and all the sides of the kennel. Painting a crate is really important because it avoids accumulating rust.

However, you can also choose any pet-friendly paint and use a convenient brush to cover the entire surface of the crate. Applying the second layer of coat is recommended as it gives extra protection to the metal crate and rust can’t be easily accumulated.

I hope now you have gained clarity about how to treat a rusty dog crate. It is better to clean the rusty spots to avoid further damage to the kennel. Moreover, your lovely dogs can stay and play happily inside the clean shelter. 🐶🐕🐶