Wondering which type of cleaning services are best suitable for your tanks? Struggling to reach out to the best water tank cleaning services in Bangalore?

At My Raksha we like to happily connect with you as most Bangaloreans are satisfied with our cleaning services when it comes to water tanks, sintex tanks and sumps.

People Prefer ‘My Raksha’ for Tank Cleaning Services in Bangalore

There is a major difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning of water tanks. People tend to choose our tank cleaning services because we believe in deep cleaning.

We have a qualified and trained team with us who have experience in different types of water tank cleaning. 

What Does ‘My Raksha’ Include in the Services of Deep Cleaning of Tanks?

It takes us at least 1-3 hours to disinfect your water tanks without compromising on the quality of service. We have step by step methods to clean water tanks and sumps.

Our procedure of cleaning tanks includes– Cleaning of surroundings, dewatering, scrubbing, sludge removal, cleaning of the water jet, vacuum cleaning, anti-bacterial, UV treatment, etc.

We Prioritise Using the Right Suitable Chemical Substances and Supplies to Target All the Microbes During Tank Cleaning

The requirements of chemical substances are different based on the type of tanks. So, our trained staff understand the need for the right types of supplies and use them in an appropriate quantity.

There are plenty of options with us for cleaning supplies and such substances may not easily be available for most of you during regular cleaning. Thus, we prioritise targeting all the microbes and bacteria by using the best supplies. 

Advanced Tools are Being Used by Us to Clean Water Tanks

Our experts bring all the necessary tools that are required for cleaning sumps, water tanks, sintex, overhead tanks, etc.

We have advanced tools like sludge pumping equipment, vacuum cleaner, high pressure water jet cleaner, special dewatering equipment, etc. These equipment will be handled by our cleaning experts with almost care.

Experience a High Level of Sanitation With ‘My Raksha’ Water Tank Cleaning Services Bangalore

Our professional cleaners pay attention to every corner, edges and ceiling of water tanks during deep cleaning. 


This will ultimately result in an excellent level of sanitation with our water tank cleaning services.

Cost of Water Tank Cleaning Services in Bengaluru

The cost of water tank cleaning depends on the size and type of your water tanks.

At ‘My Raksha’, our services for cleaning water tank price range starts from 499 INR for sintex cleaning. Sump cleaning charges in Bangalore begin from 1000 INR and for overhead cement tanks the price range is between 1499-2499 INR. 

I hope now you have gained all the necessary information about tank and sump cleaning in Bangalore. Feel free to reach out to us for booking cleaning services.


FAQs About ‘My Raksha’ Water Tank Cleaning Services Bengaluru

  1. How much does it cost for sintex tank cleaning in Bangalore?

At My Raksha, it costs 499 rupees for 1000 L. And for 2000 L the price is 699 rupees. For 3000 L the price is 799 rupees. For 5000 L capacity of sintex the cleaning service price is 899 rupees.


  1. Does My Raksha provide sump cleaning services in Bangalore?

Yes, My Raksha provides sump cleaning services in almost all areas of Bengaluru.


  1. Does My Raksha have overhead tank cleaning in Bangalore?

Yes, we provide overhead tank cleaning services in Bengaluru at a reasonable price.


  1. How to find a rainwater tank cleaning in Bangalore?

We at My Raksha give rainwater tank cleaning services in Bengaluru city. You can reach out to us for scheduling cleaning services.


  1. How often deep cleaning of water tanks is needed?


It is always better to clean water tanks once in 3 months for a healthy lifestyle.