“How to sanitise a dog leash?”, “What is an effective way to make a pooch’s leash dirt-free?” – Are these questions popping up in your head?

Every dog lover who has a pet at home often thinks about cleaning its leash. In my current blog, I’m addressing all your queries regarding how to clean a dirty dog leash. This will help you to follow the right cleaning method.

How to Sanitise a Dog Leash? – 5 Vital Steps for Cleaning

When you have furry friends then you must keep its leash clean and hygienic. You must apply an effective technique to remove dirt from the dog’s leash without damaging it.

So, let’s see how to clean a dog leash-



Prepare Hot Water to Clean the Dog Leash

The best method to clean a dog leash is with hot water. So, you can use a bowl of hot water. 

However, you can even use warm water for cleaning. But hot water works better in removing oily and moist things from the dog leash.


Make Use of the Best Suitable Supplies to Remove Dirt from the Leash

There are so many supplies for cleaning such as shampoo, soap, liquid or detergent. You must make a smart choice here. You have to pick up a shampoo or detergent which is pet-friendly.

If you use dog shampoo then it will be totally safe. So, add shampoo or detergent to hot water. Make use of a spoon to mix it well in the water.



Soak the Leash for a Few Minutes

Put the dog leash inside a hot water bowl. Let it leave for about 15-20 minutes to soak well.

You will see that almost half of the dirt will vanish after soaking the leash. Wait till the water cools down to remove the leash outside. Well, if you are using warm water then also let the leash get soaked in the soap water for about 15 minutes.



Scrub the Leash in the Right Way

Take the dog leash out of the water bowl. Now you have to pay close attention to heavy stains and dirt cake build-up on your furry friend’s leash.

Use a scrubber or a brush or scouring sponge. You can even use an old toothbrush of yours to remove dirt from the leash. Go on adding some drops of shampoo on the stains and rub gently with a scrubber or brush. However, don’t put too much pressure that the leash may get damaged or cut.



Wash the Leash and Dry it Properly

Use running water to wash the leash. Make sure that there won’t be any shampoo left on the leash. You can squeeze excess water from the leash.

Then let the dog leash air dry before starting to use it again. You can keep the leash under the sun for a few minutes to dry. Do not place the leash in the dryer, the material will get damaged. 

I hope now you have understood and gained clarity about how to clean a dog leash. It is good to sanitise your pooch’s leash at least once a month. Also, whenever you travel with your dog at places like beaches or trekking then it’s important to clean the leash after returning home. 🐶🐕🐶