Is it necessary for everyone to choose ‘deep cleaning’ over ‘regular cleaning’ to have clean windows? Which cleaning method is more effective when it comes to regular cleaning vs deep cleaning of windows?

Most of you have all such questions when you think of cleaning windows. In my current blog, I’m explaining in detail about what is the difference between regular and deep cleaning of windows.

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Windows: Which One is Better?

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Now let me elaborate on all the points in detail so that you gain complete clarity about general vs deep cleaning of windows-

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Windows: Which is Time Consuming?

Regular cleaning of windows consumes less time. It takes about 5-10 minutes to clean one window of normal size.

Deep cleaning of windows consumes more time. It takes about 15-30 minutes per window depending upon the size of the windows.

Process for Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Windows

The process for regular cleaning of windows is simple and quick. It involves fewer steps. It includes – removing dust from the glass of windows and using a wet cloth to clean the dirt.

The process for deep cleaning of windows includes more steps as this is done by trained experts in the cleaning field. It includes scrubbing to remove heavy stains, cleaning window sills, cleaning grills of the windows, cleaning wooden frames if you have any etc.


While Targeting Microbes During Cleaning of Windows, Which Process is Better- Regular or Deep Cleaning?

Targeting microbes during regular cleaning of windows is restricted. One just cleans surface-level dust from windows while general cleaning. So, one can’t target all the bacteria and microbes.

As deep cleaning of windows is done by experts, targeting microbes is not restricted here. Trained professionals exactly know how to target all the microbes by using different methods of window cleaning.


What are the Cleaning Tools for Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Windows?

During regular cleaning of windows, most of us use simple tools. Also, the tools are limited for general cleaning. For example- wet cloth, small mop etc.

Deep cleaning of windows offers a variety of options when it comes to cleaning tools. For example – specially manufactured scrubbing mops, water-retention mops, vacuum glass cleaners, etc.

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning: Which Offers the Best Cleaning Supplies for Windows?

Supplies for regular cleaning of windows are limited. One uses common supplies that we use in general for cleaning purposes.

There are so many options when it comes to supplies for deep cleaning of windows. Professionals in the cleaning field easily get access to different types of supplies. They will bring all the needed supplies when you book a window cleaning service with them.


Which Type of Chemical Substances are Used during Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Windows?

While regular cleaning, most of the time people usually do not use any chemical substances. If they use any substances they are light and less effective. For example – normal soap powder, DIY liquid, vinegar, etc.

While deep cleaning of windows professionally trained experts use various types of chemical substances that are suitable for glass windows. Cleaning windows is complex and needs more attention and carefulness. So, they use substances like – special sprays, specific soaps etc.

What Does Deep Cleaning of Windows Cover that Regular Cleaning Does not?

Regular cleaning of windows includes minor things. Such as – glasses of windows and wooden frames.

Deep cleaning of windows includes more things. Such as – Glasses of windows, edges of the glass, aluminium frames of windows, grills of windows, the space between aluminium frames of modern types of windows, cleaning fixed mosquito nets of windows, etc.

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Windows: What is the Level of Sanitation?

Regular cleaning of windows gives you a good level of sanitation. It helps to maintain a basic level of hygiene.

You can expect excellent sanitation after a deep cleaning of windows. Trained professionals in cleaning services take care of every corner of windows by using effective substances and equipment. So, here the sanitation level will be higher than that you get from regular cleaning.


How Long Does the Effect of Cleaning Last after a Regular and Deep Cleaning of Windows?

After regular cleaning of windows, the effects last for a short period of time. It lasts for about 7-15 days. 

The effect of deep cleaning of windows is long-lasting. It lasts around 15-30 days. However, it also depends on the location. If your house or office location is in an area of high pollution then the windows get dusty quickly and easily.


Know About Regular Cleaning Versus Deep Cleaning of Windows Cost

Regular cleaning of windows is inexpensive. Most of the time one does use just a few drops of water to clean windows. So, in that case, the cleaning cost becomes almost zero. But if you make use of some normal substances and tools the cost will be around 50-100 INR for window cleaning.

Deep cleaning of windows is more expensive than regular cleaning. The price range is between 500-3000 INR. This depends on the size, type and number of windows. 


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Thus, regular cleaning of windows covers limited things like removing dust from the surface of glasses by using simple equipment and supplies. Whereas, deep cleaning of windows is not restricted just to the glass of windows but covers each corner of windows including grills, fly nets etc. So, undoubtedly deep cleaning is better than regular cleaning.


I hope now you have clearly understood general cleaning versus deep cleaning of windows. We will be happy to address your queries regarding this if at you have any. Feel free to reach out to us at My Raksha.

When Windows are Clean, You Enjoy the Outer Seen!