Which one is better when it comes to regular cleaning vs deep cleaning of closets? Why and when should you choose ‘deep cleaning’ over ‘regular cleaning’ for resetting your closets?

Most of you have these questions when it comes to having neat, dust-free closets. In my current blog, I’m addressing the question, “What is the difference between regular and deep cleaning of closets?”

This helps you to choose the right type of cleaning method for closets to get the maximum benefits.

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Closets: Which One is More Effective and Better?

Let me quickly compare all the significant points through the table below to make it easy for you to understand the differences between general and deep cleaning of closets-






















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Let me explain all the points in detail-

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Closets: Which is Time Consuming?

Regular cleaning of closets consumes less time. It takes around 10-20 minutes to clean a closet quickly.

Deep cleaning of closets needs more time. It takes around 30-60 minutes to clean a closet. However, it also depends on the size of the closet.

Process for Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Closets

The process of regular cleaning of closets is simple and involves a few steps. It includes – removing dust from the closet doors and shelves.

The process of deep cleaning of closets involves many steps. The process includes – removing odour, cleaning stains, removing dust and dirt, etc.


While Targeting Microbes During Cleaning of Closets, Which Process is Better- Regular or Deep Cleaning?

Targeting microbes in regular cleaning of closets is restricted. One just targets removing surface-level dust during regular cleaning. So, all the microbes can’t be targeted during general cleaning.

Targeting microbes in deep cleaning of closets is not restricted. Usually, deep cleaning of closets is done by trained professionals in the cleaning field. So, know very well to target all microbes.

What are the Cleaning Tools for Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Closets?

The cleaning tools used for regular cleaning are limited. One uses simple tools that are handy and available at home for cleaning. For example – Mop, wet cloth piece, etc.


The tools used for deep cleaning of closets are fancy and available in varieties. For example – Small brushes to clean corners of closets, electric small vacuum cleaners, etc.

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning: Which Offers the Best Cleaning Supplies for Closets?

For regular cleaning of closets, there are some common supplies. Also, there are limited options for supplies here.

Whereas, deep cleaning of closets offers many options when it comes to supplies as it is done by trained professionals. They bring different supplies needed for closet cleaning that is needed if you book a cleaning service with them.


Which Type of Substances are Used during Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Closets?

Most people don’t use any chemical substances during the regular cleaning of closets. They just remove dust from closets by using a wet cloth. Even if they think of using substances they use light chemical substances such as – DIY cleaner, vinegar, etc. 

During deep cleaning of closets, professionals use different and effective chemical substances. For example- Chemical spray for mites and insects, liquid for cleaning shelves, etc. Also, experts exactly know which type of chemical substances are necessary according to the material of closets.

What Does Deep Cleaning of Closets Cover that Regular Cleaning Does not?

Regular cleaning of closets includes minor things. For most people, it includes just cleaning shelves by removing dust when it comes to closets.

Deep cleaning of closets includes major things and almost everything. It includes – cleaning the outside of closets, disinfecting handles of the closets, cleaning all the metals and holders present in the closets with different substances, removing heavy strains, targeting insects etc.


Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Closets: What is the Level of Sanitation?

After regular cleaning of closets, you can expect a good level of sanitation. You can maintain basic hygiene by regularly cleaning your closets.

You can expect an excellent level of sanitation after a deep cleaning of closets. Deep cleaning is usually done by professionals and they take care of every corner of closets while cleaning by using the best suitable substances. So, this ultimately results in a high level of sanitation.


How Long Does the Effect of Cleaning Last after a Regular and Deep Cleaning of Closets?

The effect of regular cleaning of closests lasts for a short period of time. It lasts for around 7-15 days.

The effect of deep cleaning of closets lasts for a long period of time. It lasts for 1-4 months depending upon your maintenance level after deep cleaning. Also, it depends on which type of things you keep in your closets.


Know About Regular Cleaning Versus Deep Cleaning of Home Closets Cost

Regular cleaning of closets is inexpensive. Here you don’t spend too much on any fancy cleaning tools and chemical substances. So, most of the time it costs you nothing. But if you use some simple tools and DIY liquids then it will cost you around 50-100 INR.

Deep cleaning of closets is expensive as this is done with trained professionals in the cleaning field. The price ranges anywhere between 300-1500 INR depending upon the size and number of closets needed to be cleaned.


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So, you can see that regular cleaning is done with limited tools and substances and the effect is not long-lasting. Whereas, deep cleaning of closets includes professional help and the effect lasts for a long time. For this season, deep cleaning is better than regular cleaning of closets.

I hope now you have gained more clarity about general cleaning versus deep cleaning of closets. We will be glad to join hands with you in cleaning closets with our trained professionals to uplevel your sanitation and healthy lifestyle of yours.

Deep Cleaning Resets Your Closets!