Are you finding it difficult to find professional mattress cleaning services in Bangalore as per your expectations?

At ‘My Raksha’, we have years of experience when it comes to bed mattress cleaning services in Bangalore. In our current blog, I’m sharing all the details about what exactly we offer in deep cleaning services of mattresses.

‘My Raksha’ is Bangaloreans Choice for Mattress Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Our quality-driven cleaning services have made most Bangalorians our loyal clients. We have trained staff in our team who have first-hand experience in cleaning various types of mattress.

Mattress cleaning requires special attention and there are different procedures for deep cleaning which can be done with the help of our qualified cleaners.

Know What We Include in Our Mattress Cleaning Services

During a regular cleaning, most people just remove surface level dust from the mattress. But professional mattress cleaning includes major things.

In our mattress cleaning services, we include – vacuuming of dust from the mattress, removing stains, giving a steam effect, completely sanitising the mattress and removing dirt and moisture from the mattress to make it clean. Also, we clean 2 pillows along with the mattress.

We Make Use of the Latest Tools for Cleaning the Mattress

When you book a cleaning service with us, we bring all the necessary tools for mattress cleaning services at home in Bangalore. We have all the latest collections of equipment which are needed to make your mattress dirt-free.

We have tools like vacuum cleaners, HEPA filters for vacuuming, steam cleaners for mattresses, etc.

You Will Experience an Excellent Level of Sanitation as a Result of Our Mattress Cleaning Service

Our trained staff understand how to target all the microbes during mattress cleaning.

Special steam treatment for mattresses and the use of HEPA filters for vacuum cleaners help to target bed bugs. We have systematically prepared the procedure to make the mattress odour-free and clean. So, ultimately you can get a high level of sanitation.

How Much Time Does It take For Professional Mattress Cleaning Service at Home?

Deep cleaning of the mattress is time consuming. Also, it depends on the size and the requirement of the mattresses.

Cleaning a single size mattress it takes around 1-2 hours. For king size and queen size mattresses it takes 2-3 hours for cleaning.

Cost of Mattress Cleaning in Bangalore

The price of mattress cleaning services depends on the size and method of cleaning.

For a single size mattress, the cleaning charge ranges between 400-700 INR. When it comes to king size and queen size mattress cleaning the cost range is between 600-1500 INR. Usually, cleaning 2 pillows along with the matters will be done without any extra cost.

I hope now you have gained all the information regarding mattress cleaning services in Bengaluru. Feel free to reach out to us for your queries or for scheduling a mattress cleaning service with us.

FAQs About ‘My Raksha’ Mattress Cleaning Services in Bengaluru

  1. Do you provide home service for mattress cleaning in Bangalore?

Yes, we visit your home with our equipment for cleaning your mattress when you book a service with us.


  1. Does ‘My Raksha’ provide mattress dry cleaning at home in Bangalore?

Yes, ‘My Raksha’ provides mattress dry cleaning service at home in Bangalore. 


  1. How can I book mattress steam cleaning in Bangalore?

You can visit our ‘My Raksha’ website for booking mattress steam cleaning in Bangalore or you can call us on 8880200200.