Want to reach out to an expert for marble cleaning services in Bangalore?

At ‘My Raksha’, we have a team of skilled people who have years of experience in marble cleaning and polishing. Our cleaning services have helped Bangalorians to have clean and classy marble at homes and workplaces.

‘My Raksha’ Marble Cleaning Services in Bangalore is Undoubtedly the Choice of Most People

Marble cleaning needs to be done with proper care and tools by experts. Our qualified and trained cleaners understand the exact needs when it comes to cleaning and polishing floor marble.

It may be at homes or offices, when people think of marble cleaning Bengaluru people have never failed to consider us because of our quality-driven services.

Know What Exactly We Offer in Marble Cleaning Services

During day-to-day cleaning usually one cleans the surface level dust. But our service includes step-by-step procedures for deep cleaning of marble.

We include washing the floor, applying powder for cleaning dirt, removing stains, polishing the marble without damaging, etc.

We Prioritise Using Effective Supplies for Making Your Marbles Dirt-Free

Making use of the right type of supplies and chemical substances is very important during marble cleaning. Our trained cleaners bring all the necessary supplies for cleaning which you do not find easily during regular cleaning.

Such supplies are strong and should be handled with care without damaging the marble. So, our servicemen take care of your marbles well. Moreover, we provide high quality polish fluid that makes your floor shine without losing the originality of marble.

Latest Types of Tools are Being Used by Us During Marble Cleaning

There are various types of machines for cleaning and polishing marble that are accessible by professional cleaners. We use all such advanced tools while providing our cleaning services in Bengaluru.

We make use of electronic tools like marble polishing machines, spray machines etc.

Experience a High Level of Sanitation and Bright Marble as the Result of Our Cleaning and Polishing Service

When we make use of appropriate powder to wash marbles it removes all the dirt. Also, we pay special attention to stains.

Ultimately, this helps to get you a high level of sanitation and a shiny floor. Many people thought that they needed to change their marbles but after our services, they were surprised by the brightness of the marble.

Cost of Marble Cleaning Services in Bengaluru

The price of professional marble cleaning in Bangalore depends on the size of the floor. So, we charge a reasonable amount per square foot. 

At ‘My Raksha’ the cost of marble cleaning and polishing starts from 15 INR per sq ft. You can view more details and book our services online.

I hope now you have gained all the information about a floor marble cleaner in Bangalore. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further queries regarding our marble polishing service.