Are you wondering how to get the best kitchen cleaning services in Bangalore?

At ‘My Raksha’, we have years of experience in providing professional kitchen cleaning services in Bangalore for homes, hotels and restaurants. Our quality-driven services made Bangalorioans our loyal clients when it comes to cleaning.

Most People Choose ‘My Raksha’ for Kitchen Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Deep cleaning of the kitchen is completely different from regular cleaning. We believe in a deep cleaning process to provide you with a healthy and hygienic environment in your kitchen.

We have qualified and trained staff on our team who are experts in kitchen cleaning services and have first-hand experience. 

What Does ‘My Raksha’ Include in Kitchen Cleaning Services?

When it comes to deep cleaning of the kitchen, it requires planning and skilled people who can manage cleaning smoothly. Our servicemen follow step-by-step procedures to make your kitchen dirt-free.

Our kitchen cleaning service includes cleaning all the cabinets, cleaning the floor and wall tiles of the kitchen, removing dust from appliances, cleaning chimneys,  cleaning gas, scouring the sink of the kitchen, cleaning the counter area, etc. 

We Make Use of Strong and Effective Supplies for Kitchen Cleaning

There are unlimited options for supplies and chemical substances available to us when it comes to kitchen cleaning. We use the right substances of the appropriate quality.

We know which types of substances are better for tiles, chimneys and cabinets. So, there are varieties of supplies and substances with us and we make proper use of them during kitchen cleaning. Spray, oils, acids and stain remover are some examples of the examples.

Our Trained Staff Prioritise Using Latest Tools During Kitchen Cleaning

Making use of the right types of tools for deep kitchen cleaning gives the best results. We bring all the tools with us when you schedule and book our kitchen cleaning service.

We use a special set of brushes, special scrubbers, electrical machines, etc. All these things are handled by our trained staff with utmost care while kitchen cleaning.

Experience an Excellent Level of Sanitation with Our Kitchen Cleaning Service

All the microbes and bacteria are targeted during the deep cleaning of the kitchen. We clean everything that is a part of your kitchen.

This ultimately gives you a high level of sanitation in the kitchen. Providing you with a hygienic kitchen environment is our responsibility with our cleaning services.

The effect of Our Kitchen Cleaning Service is Long Lasting

Regular cleaning of the kitchen helps you to remove surface level dust. But as we give you deep cleaning services, the effect lasts for a long period of time in your kitchen.

As we pay close attention to the sink, tiles, cabinets, etc. This results in making your kitchen completely dirt-free. Thus, the effect also lasts longer.

Cos of Kitchen Cleaning Services in Bengaluru

The price of kitchen cleaning depends on the type of kitchenette. At My Raksha, we provide our services at a reasonable price.

To clean a normal kitchen our price is 1199 INR. If you have a modern kitchen then the cleaning service price is 1999. You can view more details about our services.

I hope now you have gained all the information regarding our kitchen deep cleaning services in Bangalore. Feel free to reach out to us and book a cleaning service to have a hygienic kitchen. We will also be glad to address any queries about our cleaning services.