Wondering how to look for effective fish tank cleaning services in Bangalore and what they will offer?

As a team at ‘My Raksha’, we have first hand experience in providing aquarium cleaning services in Bangalore at a reasonable price. We have helped people to have dirt-free and fresh fish tanks in their homes and at working places.

People Prefer ‘My Raksha’ for Fish Tank Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Deep cleaning of an aquarium requires the right type of tools and substances. So, by taking all responsibility we have served people with quality-driven fish tank cleaning services that last for a longer period of time. 

Understand How Deep Cleaning of an Aquarium by Our Experts is Different from Regular Cleaning

We have trained staff with us who are experienced in fish tank cleaning. They exactly know how to clean by using the right type of chemicals and tools that do not harm fish and damage the glass of the fish tank.

Whereas, during regular cleaning of fish tanks when people do it by themselves they make use of easily available substances and the chances of damaging the glass are more. Also, people don’t pay much attention to deep cleaning of the aquarium by targeting all the microbes.

What Exactly Do We Include in the Aquarium Cleaning Service?

We pay attention to A-Z things that are related to your fish tank while cleaning because we believe in quality and deep cleaning. 

Our service includes- Washing and scrubbing the aquarium, cleaning pebbles, plants and all the decoration items of your fish tank, filter change, cleaning aquarium gravel by targeting all the bacteria and dirt, removing heavy stains, cleaning tank top and hood etc.

High Level of Sanitation, Odour-Free and Fresh Tank will Be Yours for a Longer Time with Our Cleaning Services

When fishes stay in your aquarium for a longer time the tank gets dirty with leftover food, fish waste, plant debris etc. So, our trained staff understand every need of an aquarium to make it fresh again.

You can ultimately expect that deep cleaning of your fish tank results in long lasting results with a high level of sanitation. 

Fish Tank Service Cost in Bangalore

The average price ranges between 400-1200 INR for residential fish tank cleaning in cities like Bangalore. For commercial aquarium cleaning services such as in offices or companies the price ranges between 1000-2000 INR.

However, the price depends on the size and the condition of the fish tank. We provide our services at reasonable prices at which our clients are already feeling it worth.

I hope now you have gained more information and clarity about our aquarium cleaning services in Bangalore. Feel free to reach out to us. We are just a call away to address your queries and questions before you schedule your aquarium cleaning. 🙂

FAQs Regarding ‘My Raksha’ Aquarium Cleaning Service in Bengaluru

1. Is there a residential aquarium cleaning service provider in Bangalore?

Yes, ‘My Raksha’ provides residential as well as commercial aquarium cleaning services in Bangalore.


2. Where can I find aquarium cleaning in Bangalore?

At ‘My Raksha’ we offer aquarium cleaning in Bangalore. You can reach out to us through our website or call us on  8880200200.


3. Do ‘My Raksha’ bring all the necessary tools with them for fish tank cleaning?

Yes, we bring all the needed tools and substances with us for fish tank cleaning if you book a schedule with us.