“How do you disinfect a plastic dog crate?” – Have you often thrown this question on dog lovers to understand the crate cleaning method?

In my current blog, let me address the significant question, ‘How to clean a plastic dog crate?’ This will help you to follow the right process to maintain the hygiene and health of your cute furry friends.

How Do You Disinfect a Plastic Dog Crate? – 5 Important Steps to be Followed

Let’s see how to remove all the mess and make your pooch’s crate clean.

Get a complete guide to disinfecting plastic crates of dogs-



Remove the Tray Outside That is Attached to a Dog Crate and Prepare for the Cleaning Process

Some plastic dog crates have attached trays inside. So first, you can remove that tray to begin the cleaning.

Also, empty the entire crate. Do not leave any toy, bed, bowl or related accessories to your furry friend. You can separately clean these things after cleaning the crate.



Wash the Plastic Crate Inside Out

Use a handheld shower or water spray which makes it easy for you to wash the plastic dog crate. Make sure that you wash the outside as well as the inside of the crate thoroughly.

Once you finish washing with normal water then apply soap water to clean the crate. Keep a gentle dish soap handly to make the crate fresh.



Make Use of a Soft Scrubber for Cleaning the Surface of Plastic

Select a good scrubber to clean all the bars, corners and sides of the crate.

Remember, you have to be careful while choosing a scrubber. Avoid too much hard scrubber so that the plastic crate should not get scratches on the surface.



Remove All the Stains and Grime Build Up Inside the Crate

When a puppy or a dog stays inside a crate obviously they leave stains. So, you have to pay attention to all the stains as well as the grime. Applying vinegar or shampoo can help you in removing stains.

You can also use stain remover which is pet-friendly. Enquire with the retailer and check what options you get when it comes to non-toxic stain remover supplies. Do not use any strong chemicals that damage the plastic and harm the pets.


Apply the Right Type of Liquid Solution to Disinfect a Dog Crate

When you check the list of disinfecting liquids then you get plenty of options. However, all such products are not pet-friendly. 

So, you should carefully choose the right suitable liquid for disinfecting the plastic crate. You just need to spray and sponge it off when cleaning your pooch’s shelter.

Well, after cleaning and disinfecting a plastic dog crate if for further freshness you can use pet-safe odour removal sprays. Then you can disinfect all the toys, bed and other thighs before keeping them inside the crate.

I hope now you have gained clarity about how to disinfect a plastic dog crate. So, to maintain the good hygiene and health of the dogs, their shelters must be cleaned now and then.