All of us know that it is very important to choose a safe cleaner for a plastic dog bowl. But the question is, “How to clean a plastic dog bowl effectively?”

In my current blog, I’m explaining in detail the method of cleaning your furry friend’s plastic bowl. This will help you to maintain more hygiene and serve your adorable doggy with love and cleanliness.

How to Clean a Plastic Dog Bowl? – Consider 5 Right Cleaning Steps for Effectiveness

Feeding a dog in a clean bowl is a way to express your love for your pooch. So, you have to follow all the necessary steps to keep the bowl of your buddy friend fresh and clean.

Let me share the sure shot cleaning method for a plastic bowl-



Read the Washing Guidelines and Description as per Manufacturer’s Recommendation

It is always good to read the bowl washing instructions on the pack provided by the manufacturer at least once.

Sometimes the material used for a bowl needs extra care while cleaning. However, in general cleaning, the plastic bowl of the doggy is almost the same method so you can consider the further steps.



Remove the Remaining Food Which is Left in Your Dog’s Bowl

If you find that there is food left in your dog’s bowl then ask your dog to finish it before taking the bowl for cleaning.

Throw the remaining food in a dustbin if it is smelling bad and is spoiled. Do not dump such food near your dog’s place because it will build up bacteria.



Use a Mild and Pet-friendly Detergent or Liquid Soap for a Plastic Bowl

Options are many to choose any good detergent or soap for cleaning a bowl. But here you have to be careful.

Pick up a soap or detergent which is non-toxic and pet-safe. Strong cleaning chemicals are not a good idea when it comes to a pooch’s bowl.



Choose a soft sponge or Scrubber to clean the Dog’s Bowl

Get a soft sponge or a scrubber to gently rub the surface of the plastic bowl. Remove all the stains and crusted food on the surface of the plastic bowl by scrubbing.

Do not be so hard on it by using any kind of hard brush as this leaves scratches on the plastic bowl. So, careful scrubbing is needed.



Disinfect and Sanitize the Bowl for Extra Cleanliness

Experts recommend that it’s better to disinfect the dog’s bowl at least once a week to maintain good hygiene.

So, you can use good quality commercially available disinfectants according to the material of the bowl. For instance, there are disinfectants that are made for plastic bowls. Thus, such cleaning products target bacterias and germs present in the dog’s bowl.
I hope now you have understood how to clean a plastic dog bowl with care. From today itself you can set a routine for cleaning a bowl. You will also feel happy to serve your doggy in the clean bowl. 🐶🐕🐶