Wondering about how to clean nylon dog collar and what are the cleaning methods? Thinking which tools and supplies are best suitable for sanitizing dog collars?

In my current blog, I’m addressing all your queries and questions regarding what materials to use for cleaning a nylon dog collar. This will help you to understand and select a safe cleaner to maintain the hygiene of your pooch.

How to Clean Nylon Dog Collar? – 5 Necessary Steps for an Effective Cleaning of the Pooch Belt

Cleaning your dog collar is equally important as bathing your furry friend. You should check often and see if your dog’s collar needs to be sanitised as furry buddy’s neck belt gets dirty while playing.

So, let me share step by step method to erase dirt, moist and stains from a nylon collar-



Wash the Collar With Plain Water

After removing a collar from your furry buddy’s neck, first, wash it thoroughly with water.

This helps to remove surface level dust and mud from the nylon collar. 



Prepare a Soap Water by Using Non-Toxic Supplies

Undoubtedly, you will get many options when it comes to cleaning products like soap and detergents. But you have to choose a pet-friendly soap to prepare soapy water for cleaning a dog collar. Using dog shampoo is the safe option here.

However, you can completely go for DIY hacks for cleaning. For instance, you can add baking soda to warm water instead of using any soap or shampoo.



Soak the Nylon Collar in a Solution for a Few Minutes

Immerse the dog collar in soap water or in the baking soda solution that you prepare.

Let the collar soak and leave it there for at least 20-30 minutes. With this, almost half of your cleaning work on the collar is done.  



Make Use of a Brush or Scrubber to Remove Heavy Dirt and Marks

Remove the nylon collar from soap water. Get a brush or a soft scrubber to erase heavy dirt and grime from the collar.

Avoid making use of too-hard brushes and do not apply too much pressure while rubbing on the stains as this may damage the collar. You can apply pet-safe stain removal to get rid of heavy spots.



Pay Close Attention to Cleaning the Metal of a Nylon Collar

You should be careful while cleaning metals like buckles of the nylon collar. Sometimes the metal buckles have rust on them. So, you must clean the rusty spots.

You can use vinegar or any readymade toxic-free rust remover to eliminate it from the collar. Wash the nylon collar under the running water and then let it dry well before fixing it for your dog. Make sure to wipe the buckles properly to avoid any further rust.

I hope now you have understood and gained clarity about how to clean nylon dog collars effectively. It is always good to clean the collar at least once a month. This helps to keep your dog’s environment good and fresh.