Are you trying to find an effective and easy cleaning method to wash the bowl of your furry friend? Thinking about how to clean a ceramic dog bowl?

In my current blog, I’m addressing all your queries regarding how to wash a ceramic dog bowl. This will help you to apply the right steps to clean the ceramic bowl to provide a hygienic environment for your pooch.

How to Clean a Ceramic Dog Bowl? – 5 Must Follow Steps

When you feed your dog in a clean bowl that means you really care for your pooch and its health. So, let’s consider all the significant steps involved in washing a ceramic dog bowl properly-



Read the Instructions about Washing a Ceramic Bowl on the Package 

Every product manufacturer including a dog ceramic bowl gives instructions on the package about its maintenance and cleaning. 

It’s good to at least read the washing instructions at least once. This helps you to be more careful while cleaning your dog’s bowl as per the material. However, most of the ceramic bowls needed to be cleaned in the same manner and for that, you can follow the next steps here.



Empty the Leftover Food in the Bowl Before Beginning the Cleaning

When you pick up your pooch’s feeding bowl for cleaning, make sure it’s empty. If your furry friend has left any food then ask it to finish its snacks.

But if you find that the reading food is dirty and spoiled then clean the bowl by putting the mess in the dustbin. While cleaning, do not throw such food near your pooch as it may invite ants and bacteria. 



Select a Pet-Safe Detergent or Soap which Suits a Ceramic Bowl

There are many choices in front of you when it comes to ceramic bowl cleaning supplies. But before picking any detergent or soap you have to check if the product is mild and pet-safe.

So, prepare soap water or just use a detergent bar which is non-toxic and clean the dog bowl thoroughly inside as well as outside.



Make Use of a Soft Sponge to Remove Marks on the Surface of the Bowl

It’s common that you find some stains and marks on the dog’s bowl after feeding it. You have to pay attention to removing such stains with a soft sponge or scrubber. Then you can wash it with water.

However, don’t use any hard brushes to rub on the stains as it will leave scratches on the surface of the ceramic bowl while cleaning. 



Sanitize by Soaking the Bowl for a Few Minutes

For extra cleanliness and to disinfect the bowl, you should soak it in the dilution of bleach for a few minutes. Then wash with plain water.

You can also use readymade available disinfectants which are pet-friendly as well as suitable for the ceramic dog bowl. This will help to target all the bacteria and germs in the bowl.

I hope now you have gained clarity and understood how to clean a ceramic dog bowl carefully. Feed your doggy with care and love by focusing on cleanliness. 🐶🐕🐶