Do your furry friends stay and play inside a wooden crate? Are you thinking of how to clean a wooden dog crate?

In my current blog, I’m explaining a step by step method that you should consider for the effective cleaning of a wooden crate. This will help you to provide a healthy and clean environment for your cute pooch.

How to Clean a Wooden Dog Crate? – 7 Must Follow Steps

Let’s dig deeper into a safe cleaner for a wooden dog crate. You have to use the right cleaning supplies and the best ways to disinfect a crate.

So, consider all the steps below to return the freshness of a dog crate-



Keep Necessary Things Handy and Prepare a Wooden Crate for Cleaning

Vacant the entire wooden dog crate by removing toys, the dog’s bed, blanket, bowl etc. 

You can clean these things separately later and begin cleaning the crate.


Wipe the Dog Crate Inside Out With the Best Suitable Piece of Cloth

Make use of a soft and lint-free cloth for wiping dust and dirt from the wooden crate.

For instance, microfibre cloth is more suitable for cleaning wooden surfaces rather than any other hard material. 



Make Use of Dishwashing Soap and a Wet Cloth for Cleaning Wooden Surface


Prepare soap and water for cleaning purposes. You can use dishwashing soap for this. You can also use the soap that is specially used for wooden surface cleaning.

So, dip the soft cloth in the soap water and wipe the wooden crate. Immediately use a dry soft cloth to wipe again. If you leave strong soap water on the wooden crate it may damage the wood. So, wipe it and keep it dry.



Erase Heavy Marks and Stains from Wooden Crate

Pay close attention to all the stains on the wooden crate. Remove such marks with a soft scrubber without leaving any scratches.

You can apply baking soda to clean the marks on the wood. Make a thin paste of it by adding water and then rub gently on the stains. However, you can use any stain removals as well that suit wood and are pet-safe.



Clean the Metal Bars of the Wooden Dog Crate and Paint Them


Most wooden dog crates have metal bars. In this case, you must clean metal bars as well with proper care.

Clean the rusty spots on the metal bars of the crate. Then apply primer and non-toxic paint. This will help you to keep the dog crate rust-free.



Use Pet-friendly Wooden Furniture Polish to Give a Shine to the Crate

You can use furniture polish to give a shine to a wooden crate. Use polishes which are safe for animals like dogs.

You can also prepare homemade polishes by using olive oil and baking soda. However, if you are not confident that homemade polish is not suitable for the wood material used for your dog’s crate then go for ready made products.



Eliminate Odour from Your Pooch’s Crate by Using a Spray


Keep the wooden dog crate odour-free. Use a pet-friendly spray to say goodbye to bad smells inside the crate.

You can also use white vinegar in a limited quantity to keep the crate free from smell. This helps your dogs to stay in a good and fresh environment.


I hope now you have understood how to clean a wooden dog crate. Provide a healthy environment for your cute furry friends by cleaning their place often and when needed.