“How to clean a metal dog crate?” – Is a common question that often pops up in the minds of dog lovers who have pets.

In my current blog, I’m addressing all your significant queries regarding safe cleaners for metal dog crates. This will help you follow the best suitable cleaning method to maintain the good hygiene of your cute pets and their surroundings.

How to Clean a Metal Dog Crate Very Effectively and Easily?

Let’s see all the necessary steps on which you should work while cleaning a metal dog crate-



Prepare the Crate for the Cleaning Process

Bring out all the dogs from a crate. Also, empty the create by keeping all the toys, dog bowls, beds and blankets outside the crate.

Make sure you have not kept any accessories or things related to your furry friends in the crate before starting to wash.



Wash The Crate Inside Out

Wash all the sides of the metal crate from the outside as well as from the inside. If you use a handheld sprayer or shower head then it will be very comfortable for you to wash the crate.

It will be better to use soap and water to clean the surface area of the kennel. Using a gentle dish soap will make the crate feel quite fresh.



Use the Right Type of Scrubber and Clean the Surface

Make use of the appropriate brusher and scrubber and clean all the bars and corners of the crate.


However, if you are not having a soft brush or scrubber then just use a piece of cloth instead of a scrubber. Make sure that the scrubber or the cloth is not hard and leaves scratches on the metal surface while cleaning.



Effortlessly Remove Heavy Stains from the Metal Crate

When your cute puppy and furry buddy stay inside the crate then there are chances of them leaving any kind of heavy stains. So, you have to pay attention to cleaning such stains.

There are different types of stain removers that you can make use for kennel cleaning. You can also think of simple liquids like vinegar or baking soda as well to remove stains from the Crate. However, do not use any strong chemicals in high quantities during the cleaning process that may damage the surface of the crate.



Clean the Rusty Spots and Grime Build Up Inside the Crate

Removing the rust and grime is very important when it comes to cleaning the dog crate. If you don’t focus on rust then chances are more that it will spread and damage your dog’s shelter.

So, use a wire brush to clean the rust easily and effectively. Then use non-toxic spray paint which is pet-friendly to prime and paint the metal crate. This helps to keep the crate fine and avoid further rust.



Disinfect The Metal Kennel With the Best Suitable Supplies

There are many options available when it comes to disinfecting products. But you have to choose the right product that is pet-safe.

You can pick up some disinfecting supplies by checking with the pet supply retailers. You have to spray and sponge it off when cleaning the metal crate.



Eliminate the Odour of The Dog Crate and Make it Fresh

Keep the metal dog crate fresh and smell-free. If you are a huge fan of DIY hacks then you can use white vinegar diluted in water to remove the odour of the dog crate. Then wash the kennel with water.

Well, there are pet-friendly solutions and sprays for odour removal. You can get such products as well to keep your dog’s environment clean with good fragrance.


After following all these steps you should pay attention to dry the dog crate. You can use a piece of cloth to wipe the water properly. When the kennel is completely dry then welcome the dogs inside the crate.

I hope now you have gained clarity about all the steps and things you have to consider while cleaning a metal dog crate. So, choose a safe cleaner for metal dog crates. 🐶🐕🐶