Are you struggling to find result-driven chandelier cleaning services in Bangalore?

At My Raksha we have happily served and satisfied many Bangaloreans when it comes to deep cleaning of chandeliers. In our current blog, let’s see all the necessary information regarding our professional chandelier cleaning services.

Most People Undoubtedly Choose ‘My Raksha’ for Chandelier Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Deep cleaning of the chandelier is a complex and delicate job. It needs a lot of patience and expertise to clean the chandelier effectively. So, we have a qualified and trained team who have first hand experience in cleaning different types of chandeliers.

What Does ‘My Raksha’ Include in the Services as Professional Chandelier Cleaners in Bangalore?

Our chandelier cleaning is different from regular cleaning. As we believe in deep cleaning and quality-driven services, we include almost A-Z things to make your chandelier shiny and look like a new one.

We include removing dust and dirt from a chandelier, we clean each light or bulb, every tiny part gets cleaned properly without damaging, cleaning all the nook and cranny of the frame, removing stains and heavy dirt from the glass, etc.

Making Use of the Right Type of Chemical Substances is Our Responsibility While Cleaning Your Chandelier

When it comes to cleaning the chandelier, we make use of the right substances like spray, solutions, stain remover liquid, etc. 

Also, the chemicals we use depend upon the type of chandelier and its materials.

We Bring Appropriate Tools with Us For Chandelier Cleaning

We also pay special attention to using the right type of cleaning tools for chandeliers. We have a special set of brushes, scrubbers and clothes for wiping dust. 

Our experts know and understand that using hard tools will leave scratches on the chandelier. So, our staff pay more attention to cleaning with care.

Experience Long Lasting Effect and Shiny Chandelier With Our Cleaning Service

Usually, during regular cleaning, you just focus on surface level dust of the chandelier. But our trained experts deep clean your chandelier which results in a high level of sanitation.

You will experience a complete spark of light when the chandelier is clean and dust-free. The effect of our deep cleaning service of a chandelier stays up to 12 months depending on your regular maintenance level. 

How Much Does Chandelier Cleaning Cost in Bangalore?

In cities like Bengaluru, the price of chandelier cleaning ranges between 300-1500 INR. However, the cost also depends on the size and condition of the chandelier.


We at My Raksha, have served many residents and companies with very affordable and value-for-money services when it comes to chandelier cleaning.

I hope now you have gained complete information about chandelier cleaning services in Bangalore. Feel free to reach out to us for scheduling a cleaning service with us. Also, we will be glad to address any queries and questions about our cleaning services.

FAQs About ‘My Raksha’ Chandelier Cleaning Services Bengaluru

  1. Do you clean acrylic chandeliers?


Yes, we include acrylic chandelier cleaning services along with cleaning all different types of chandeliers.


  1. How much time does it take to clean a chandelier?


When it comes to professional chandelier cleaning, it takes a minimum 1-2 hours depending on the size.


  1. How is regular cleaning of chandeliers different from professional cleaning service?


Our trained cleaners use the right types of tools and substances for deep cleaning of the chandeliers. Whereas, regular cleaning of chandeliers is about removing surface level dust.